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What's the Word

No Substitutes: If you don't have LED powered fog lights, then you're just behind the times! Thankfully the new Morimoto XB LED projector fog lights: Look great. Are well-built. Perform like champs. Have a virtually infinite life span. An unbeatable warranty, And best of all you won't need to sell your soul to afford them! Many of the guys here at the shop use them on their own vehicles, and they're easily one of our most popular product lines.

Compatible: With many modern applications from Subaru, these complete fog light housings will swap directly in place of the original halogen units that they're designed to replace, using all of the stock mounting locations. Their aim can be perfectly dialed in with the integrated height adjusters. Check the compatibility section below for a list of known applications.

Plug n Play: Wiring is easy too! The XB LED Fogs are designed to work without any special wiring. They will plug into the factory connectors for the stock fog lights and each assembly includes all necessary connectors, rubber seals, and pigtails for a plug n play install.

Powered: By three Nichia 5500K LED's that produce around 1200 raw lumens per side. The projector based optics concentrate a total of 2400 lumens of pure white light into a beam that's super wide and perfectly distributed for use as a fog light. Make no mistake, these will produce a much different [better] result than slapping some LED replacement bulbs into your stock housings. The XB fogs meet & exceed all SAE, DOT, and ECE regulations.

Well-Built: Their durable polycarbonate lens will resist the test of time, keeping the housings looking new for many years to come. The powder-coated cast aluminum housing is light-weight and much stronger than comparable plastic alternatives. Doubling as the heat-sink for the LED's, the housings completely protect the internals from moisture and road debris. We've sold many thousands of these fog lights and to date, have only seen one or two develop a joke!

Word on the Street: Don't just take our word for it, check out these Install & Review videos that previous customers have put together! Everybody loves a good YouTube demo, so check it out HERE!, HERE!, HERE!, and HERE!

Overview Video: Prefer videos? Check out this helpful video the lineup of XB LED fogs!

Focus: Since 2005, we have focused our efforts on lighting and that's it. Experience means we know the products. We know the technology. We know our competitors, and most importantly, we know our customers. We like to wrench. We like to drive, we like to ride, and like you: we demand the best for whatever it is that gets us going. That's why at LED Concepts; we only stock the shelves with today's best, brightest, and most badass LED Lighting upgrades.

The Details

What you need to know

  • What's Included

  • FOG LIGHTS: 2x Type S Morimoto XB LED

  • WIRING: Plug-n-Play Connection Kit

  • OPTIONAL: Lamin-X Yellow Film Kit

  • WARRANTY: 10 Years

  • SWAG: Morimoto Decal

  • Compatibility

  • REPLACES SUBARU PART #: 89210094

  • BR-Z: 2012-2016 (req. H16 adapter)

  • FORESTER: 2014-2018 (req. mods to bracket)

  • LEGACY: 2010-2012 (req. mods to bracket)

  • OUTBACK: 2010-2012

  • WRX/STI: 2015-2018

  • IMPREZA: 2012-2018 (req. H16 adapter)

  • CROSSTREK: 2012-2018 (req. H16 adapter)


  • Tech Specs

  • INPUT SOCKET: Sealed H11 Male

  • WEATHER RATING: IP67 Waterproof

  • LENS MATERIAL: High Impact Polycarb (UV-Resistant)

  • SHELL / HEAT SINK: Powder Coated Cast Aluminum

  • LIGHT SOURCE: 3x Nichia

  • LED OPTICS: Kuria Fog-Projection Lens

  • INTENSITY: 1,200lm (raw; each)

  • COLOR: 5500K (Pure White) or 3000K (Yellow)

Action Shots

What you can expect


What our customers are saying

5 out of 5 stars

21 Reviews   Write a Review

Jersey Legacy GT

Andres Mejia Reviewed: 12.15.2016

Put these on my 2010 Legacy GT with the yellow lumex film and WOW! They are amazing, especially in the snow here in NJ. Combine these with the HID conversion kit and WOW. Highly recommended these!

XB LED Subaru Outback LED light output dissapointing

JEFF GARRIOCK Reviewed: 10.03.2016

I just installed a set of the XB fog lights on my Subaru Outback. The additional road lighting effect is barely noticeable over my existing HID low beams. IMHO these LED fogs are not any better than the OEM halogen fogs. I did adjust the beam to get the best possible light angle. This LED fog light replacement has only has a very narrow slit where the light is emitted.
Last year, I installed a set of Morimoto HID fog lights in my other vehicle and I would easily say that my HID upgrade was far superior for light output for fogs. My HID fogs almost double my usable light output.
I don't really care if the lights have a "cool" look, I drive mostly on country roads, my comments are to help guide the person looking to improve their ability to see the road better in fog, drain or snow. I chose these based on some of the good reviews perhaps people were commenting on how bright these lights are to look at, not so much how they light up the road.

Great on 2008 STi

Jose Reviewed: 08.01.2016

I installed these on my 2008 STi, I had to do some cutting and thread some screws through the heat sinks to fix them to the original fog light housings. It's a three hour job but the results are incredible.
My only complain is that the adjustment screw is a bit hard to turn. It illuminates quite well. Very satisfied with the light output even though they seem to illuminate a little high, so maybe I will adjust some more.

Top notch. Fundamentally flawed

Sean Reviewed: 04.22.2016

I am very impressed with the build, look and performance of these fog lamps with one exception. The LEDs do not produce enough heat to keep snow from freezing over the covers. I would not recommend these to folks needing performance in foul weather conditions. its a bummer but its very real. 5 stars for warm climates. a waste otherwise.

Greatest Fog Lights

Frederic Reviewed: 12.30.2015

I installed these in my 2016 Subaru Crosstrek with minimal mods to the light itself (hole where screw goes needs to be made bigger) and they are AMAZING!!!

2016 Subaru WRX

Patrick Reviewed: 11.21.2015

These are quality fog lights! The optics allow for a wide angle beam of pure white brightness. These fog lights project useable light where it's pointed instead of a scattered glare that you get with led bulbs installed in an oem halogen fog housing.

Install is a direct fitment like oem. The supplied screws did not fit, but the use of oem screws work just fine. Wiring is straight forward, no splicing needed.

Overall, a great purchase!

Amazing product with amazing price

Roy Reviewed: 07.22.2015

Bought this for my Porsche Cayenne 958.

Fitted them yesterday, as mention they are truly plug and play. It fit perfectly just like the OEM fog lights, it also match the OEM led light bar on the cayenne.

Definitely highly recommend them to any Porsche Cayenne owner.


Fernando Reviewed: 05.26.2015

Lejos lo mejor, creo que soy el primero en chile en tener iluminación morimoto y estos neblineros iluminan de la mejor forma.
la salida de luz y distribución es perfecta. No hubo necesidad de ajustar altura en mi Ford focus MK3 2013.

Retina Killer!!!

Kevin Reviewed: 05.02.2015

I don't know why products like this one doesn't come standard on our cars!!! Got these to install onto my CU2. If you're going to spend on quality items, I suggest spending a little more for some protective covers. These LEDs make it feel like I am driving with HID fogs but without the hassle of strapping ballasts to a secured area or burning something due to the high heat of HIDs. Definitely worth buying and will buy another set for another vehicle.

Quick and Easy Install, Good Looks

Anthony Reviewed: 03.04.2015

Just purchased these fog lights about a week ago. Took all of 15 minutes to install. Only gotcha is plugging the wire pins into the supplied connector. Don't make the mistake I did and try to connect these without figuring out the polarity of the actual plug. Slot in connector only will allow the plug to click in one way, and removing the pins from the connector is a real pain. Just make sure that you have it right before locking them in.

The output looks amazing. Instant-on is far better for a fog light than waiting for an HID ballast to warm-up every time you switch from low to high and back. I installed some of the lamin-x yellow film over the lens, and the color is a really subtle yellow, which complements the 4500k XB HID Bulbs perfectly. Bad weather visibility is much improved over the stock halogen fogs, and the car is far more visible when these lights are on in the rain / snow given the yellow color.

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