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Round Three: Yeah the FX-R Stage III kit has been around for a long time now, but it's stuck around for a reason. Based on the wise old lumberjack of the Morimoto projector family, the FX-R is the original bi-xenon built for big boys. No threaded shaft for easy retrofitting, nothing tiny about it. This is the kit for the guys who want the best and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty with a dremel.

Bi-Xenon Projectors: The FX-R 3.0 is the most refined version of Morimoto’s very first bi-xenon projector, and it shows in their picture perfect light output. They use Morimoto’s Kuria optic clear lenses to give them a wide, intense beam pattern with a sharp and colorful cutoff line. The 3.0 version is optimized with a multi-faceted reflector bowl, curved cutoff shield, and the biggest, most reliable bi-xenon solenoid on the business. The FX-R is the biggest Morimoto projector and in some applications may take a little more effort to install, but man are they worth it! As the biggest Morimoto distributor in North America, all projectors are tuned to perfection here in our shop.

Shrouds: Basically, they're the trim piece that adds the finishing touch to your new headlight retrofit. They cover the projector after it’s installed to restore the factory-finished look inside the housings. With so many different shapes, sizes, and designs available; we really recommend picking one that suits the geometry inside of your headlights, and also your personal preference on how they look. Check out all of the projector shroud options we offer, and take your pick!

HID Ballasts: Designed in California by Morimoto’s engineer, Yoshi Ishida, the Morimoto XB 2.0 HID Ballasts are just as good looking on the outside as they are well-engineered on the inside. They are available in both 35w and 50w versions, use proprietary software by the pros at Hylux paired with packaging perfection from the masters at Morimoto. This is today’s most modern iteration of a model that has sold more than half a million units since inception, and we don’t think it can really get any better!

D2S HID Bulbs: Homegrown by Morimoto to out-perform any alternatives on the market when installed in projector-based headlights…and it shows. We admit the latest generation XB HID bulbs are pretty impressive when compared to other bulbs, and even older Morimoto bulbs. At the heart of the XB bulbs is their perfectly-aligned 100% Philips quartz glass capsule that houses high quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer. In our annual lux comparison test, they produced nearly the same luminosity (intensity) as the industry benchmark Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K. No, you're not seeing things here, but yes you will be seeing everything at night.

Wire Harness: As one of the most important parts in any HID lighting upgrade; don't skimp out when it comes to your wiring. It doesn't matter how good your ballasts are. How good your bulbs are. If your harness is a piece of crap, when it gives out your headlights are gonzo. Morimoto’s harnesses are the best on the market and easily worth their premium price compared to cheaper alternatives. No matter which one is right for your application, the harness features triple-sealed central relay packs, 14ga stranded copper wiring, over-molded fittings, and plug-n-play functionality. This will ensure everything properly (and permanently) works with your vehicle’s original in-cabin controls.

Optional Canbus Harnesses: Instead of a traditional relayed harness that draws power from the battery, Morimoto’s standalone canbus harnesses use two individual sub-harnesses to keep a load on the factory wiring. Recommended for vehicles that recognize when a bulb is out, these contain a series of capacitors and resistors to trick the car into thinking nothing has changed and help you avoid annoying "bulb out" warnings. We generally recommend them for use on most modern European applications instead of normal harnesses since they do a great job at providing stable power to the ballasts and canceling bulb out warnings.

Optional LED Halos: Though LED halos may not be for everybody, if you’re looking for the cleanest, most simple, most reliable setup, we highly recommend the Profile Pivots. Not only are they the brightest, most uniformly lit halos currently on the market, but they double as a switchback turn signal with your blinker circuit. The integrated controllers are extremely easy to setup with only three wires (white, amber, and ground) and allow you to run the white mode continuously until interrupted by the signal – at which point they will blink amber. Once the signal stops, the Pivot ring will automatically switch back to its pure white mode.

Optional Housing Sealant: Protection is priceless! When you're putting together a set of high-end headlights, the last thing you want is moisture in 'em the first time it rains outside. Morimoto's RetroRubber is the most effective way to make sure the original seal is fully restored. For the small price, why anybody wouldn’t prevent their new headlights from fogging up is beyond us. It’ll be the best twelve bucks you’ve ever spent.

Focus: Since 2005, we have focused our efforts on lighting and that's it. Experience means we know the products. We know the technology. We know our competitors, and most importantly, we know our customers. We like to wrench. We like to drive, we like to ride, and like you: we demand the best for whatever it is that gets us going. That's why at LED Concepts; we only stock the shelves with today's best, brightest, and most badass LED Lighting upgrades.

The Details

What you need to know

  • What's Included

  • PROJECTORS: 2x Morimoto FX-R 3.0

  • SHROUDS: 2x Your Preference

  • HID BALLASTS: 2x Morimoto XB35 or XB55

  • HID BULBS: 2x Morimoto XB HID

  • WIRE HARNESS: Your Preference

  • WARRANTY: 5 Years (35w) or 3 Years (50w)

  • OPTIONAL HOUSING SEALANT: 1x Morimoto RetroRubber

  • OPTIONAL LED HALOS: 2x Profile Pivot

  • Compatibility

  • APPLICATIONS: Universal / Size Allowing

  • CAPABILITIES: Both Low & High Beam



  • PROJECTOR DEPTH: 140mm (2.5") or 155mm (3.0")

  • PROJECTOR LENS: 2.5 or 3.0 inches

  • WIRE HARNESS: Match your original bulb size

  • SHROUDS: All except "Mini" models & Panamera LED

  • LED HALOS: Varies according to shroud style

  • Tech Specs

  • OPERATING RANGE: -40C to +125C



  • XB BALLAST MAX V: 25kV (at start-up)

  • XB35 BALLAST LIFESPAN: 2500 Hours

  • XB55 BALLAST LIFESPAN: 2000 Hours

  • 3000K BULBS: Golden Yellow (~2800 lm)

  • 4500K BULBS: Warm White (~3500 lm)

  • 5500K BULBS: Pure White (~3400 lm)

  • 6500K BULBS: Cool White (~3200 lm)

  • XB55 50w Ballasts: (+20% intensity) (-1000K color)

Action Shots

What you can expect


What our customers are saying

5 out of 5 stars

21 Reviews   Write a Review

Best upgrade ever!

Anthony Reviewed: 02.20.2015

I have been running the FX-R kit for about 2 months now and every time I turn them on I am always amazed! Everything from the light output to the build quality are awesome. This was my first retrofit which I was a little scared to attempt but I did anyways. These went into a 04 Toyota matrix and man, did it not only transform my light output but also the looks of the front end as well. These lights project the light very wide with an awesome cut off. The FX-R overpower all of my friends cars with factory projectors and hid's :). The hid kit is much better than any other you can buy in the price range. The ballasts and bulbs are high quality and very bright with great color. You will not be disappointed with your purchase! This whole kit is amazing just buy it!

These are awesome!

matthew Reviewed: 02.05.2015

I've had these for a little over a month and I am very impressed! I put them in my 98 civic, the installation was very easy, and well worth the work! the output, the width, the color flicker, these projectors are simply amazing! I am actually planning to buy another kit for my little brother!

Look no further than TRS! Products are great and the customer is better, This is my new go to place for lighting needs!


Russ Reviewed: 10.16.2014

These projectors have amazing output and the cutoff is crisp. Paired with XB35 D2S 5000K bulbs and a 3 Five Ballast, you turn night into day. My job has a lot of night driving and with this kit, I now see EVERYTHING! Thanks TRS!

Very Very Excellent Purchase!!! Extremely Satisfied!!!

Demiko Reviewed: 07.30.2014

I purchased the FX-R 3.0 complete kit for my 2005 Honda Civic based on a previous success story I came across on the 7th Gen Honda Forum. While following that individuals approach, I decide to take the same path and chose the Morimoto 5Five ballasts and the D2S: XB35 5000K bulbs. The install took me a bit longer than I expected as I ran into some speed bumps while doing it. However, as I've seen people state previously, it is DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY like comparing night and day! I originally started out with halogen bulbs and wanted a more aesthetic appearance so switched to a PnP HID kit. This was working out for me very well until I decided to do a blacked out headlight DIY. This greatly decreased the light output and I was disappointed for quite some time. The roads were left poorly lit and I came across forums speaking about retrofits and began my search for the more intricate details. I was steered in the direction of The Retrofit Source and after having to wait out the next step of purchasing a kit due to where I was living at the time, I finally got them! I have now completed the installation and I am sooo excited and extremely pleased with the vast increase in light output! Projector retrofitting has now been added to the list of one of the best things I could have ever added to my car! Thanks you so much again The Retrofit Source!


DeMario Reviewed: 04.24.2014

First I would like to say, The Quality of a Retrofit (This kit from my personal experience) VS PnP HID kits and let me tell you, this kit is second to none!!!! The width, the distance and the nice color it gives PLUS the fact you aren't blinding on coming traffic is a WIN WIN Situation!!! I DEFINITELY would recomeend this to my peers now that I have experienced the benefits of having a proper HID installation. I can't see myself turning back to halogen or PnP kits ever again!!! Thanks TRS for the GREAT product and fast shipping... I will be a retruning customer for sure!!! :)

The end result of this kit is...

Ryan Cruz Reviewed: 04.26.2013

The end result of this kit is flawless!
The cut off's are beautiful, the roads are now completely visible at night, and I love the aggressive look of the 3" projectors.

The hardest part was actually removing the lens from the headlights.
I've never done a retrofit ever before and I was able to complete the project.

I'm very thankful for the support I received from The Retrofit Source. Their resources helped me step by step throughout the whole process.

When you buy this product, use their guide and you'll be golden.

First let me say the staff...

Shawn Walden Reviewed: 04.06.2013

First let me say the staff at the retrofitsource are top notch, i called multiple times with questions and they did there best to walk me through what i needed to know. top marks for these guys, with that said let's talk install.

The stage three kit is very straight forward and fitting this kit into the factory houses was (size wize) was easy, however i had to modify the headlight holes a little more than i was expecting but it was pretty straightforward, to be honest id have a dremel tool (or some form of rotory tool) with a small cutting wheel on hand to be safe. Also having a ac/dc bench tester is beyond handy (but not required). The hardest part of my install was taking 2001 model year headlights apart without breaking anything.. Now pay attention, youl thank me later for this.. when they ask you if you want the new sealant added on to your order, you say "YES". You may be able to reheat newer headlights and use the old glue to "re-seal" but im guessing no.. when i got my headlights apart i spend real time heating and reheating thoses houses trying to get that glue out.. when you do get it all out stretch out that new sealant and appy to your houses.. (its like black take playdough) and works fantastic, very easy to use. this is a 3 hour job if your working with a new cars new lights and things are fossilized.. anything a little older your going to need to alot more time to work with your older headlights.. As far as the equipment is concerned its grade A quality. I have multiple sets of HID's from a certain D.D. outfitter and this stuff from the retrofit source is hand and feet better quality equipment (but thats what your paying for). in the end my dads 2001 lincoln town cars eyes look new, and gave the car a real facelift, and he cant stop going on and on about how great the improved lighting is ! well worth the price of admission everyone !!!

I've been contemplating...

Charles Shelby Reviewed: 02.22.2013

I've been contemplating for a little over a year about performing a Retrofit on my 05 Ford Five Hundred Limited, HOLY S#!*. With 3Five 5000k bulbs, Apollo 2.0 shrouds & XB-LED's It gives my ride a mean unique look that turns heads everywhere I go. Even my friend with a 2012 Acura TL is jealous of the sharp cut-off & color this kit produces. The quality of TRS products are outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone, THANKS TRS.

I got the fxr 3.0 installed...

Ryan Ferguson Reviewed: 11.30.2012

I got the fxr 3.0 installed on my BMW e34 that used an existing halogen projector, so install was really not that difficult once I figured out where to cut and mount. These projectors produce a wide beam angle, unlike any halogen lense could ever do, and the morimoto 4300k bulbs have only a few second warm up first thing in the morning and once warm fire up to full intensity right away.

The wiring harness is real easy to install, and I was able to install it in a way that it is unnoticeable with the hood open (obviously with time taken to tuck it away).

Over all, I'm very impressed with the retrofit source and their products and ill continue to support their business to whoever is looking for headlight upgrades.

Andrew helped me put...

Doug Smith Reviewed: 09.14.2012

Andrew helped me put together my kit, I put the fxr's on my 08 F250, did the retro myself, everything turned out the way I was hoping for! The lighting is just incredible, I'l never again have halogens on my rides!! The kits and the parts went together great, the wiring was top quality, no complaints on my end, everything was as described!

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