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What's the Word

One Two Three: Four! Truth be told, for a bunch of headlight nerds: We could not imagine a more perfect projector. The all-new Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Bi-xenon takes the cake in every category. A supreme low beam. A High beam so bright it's unholy. A cutoff line that can't get any sharper. Quality that nobody can question, and an undeniable ease of installation. If we died and went to headlight heaven, this thing would be greeting us at the gate.

Legendary: When Morimoto's Mini D2S 3.0 came out in 2013, it changed the game. When the Mini H1 7.0 launched in 2015, it changed the game. The Mini D2S 4.0 carries on the tradition – and why? Not only does it make the 3.0 look like an old dinosaur...but because it's powered by D2S bulbs; it's capable of taking the awesome optics developed for the H1 7.0 to a whole new level.

Output: We'll just start with the hotspot. It's brighter than any bi-xenon projector we've fact, it's so bright that it exceeds the maximum amount of intensity allowed by DOT even at 35W. (because #regulations) The beam pattern is extremely wide and flat, with none of the bowing found on the 3.0...all thanks to the beauty in the center of this beast: it's curved cutoff shield. The Kuria Optic clear lens helps produce plenty of color flicker, but also a razor sharp cutoff line that eliminates all glare to oncoming traffic. Last but not least, the high beam. Shaped by the secondary cutoff shield, there's plenty of light reserved for use here to penetrate for hundreds of meters at night.

Physically Speaking: Output isn't the only thing the 4.0 gets praise for. It's clear they've paid a lot of attention to the physical attributes too. The threaded shaft is longer than before, making it easier to install, and it's threads are silky smooth (near impossible to strip). The bi-xenon solenoid mechanism has next to no slack, and thankfully this time, the solenoid input actually plug into the back of the projector. The black lens holder gets the cool “4” cut out too! OEM Quality, aftermarket performance. We like it!

Easy to Install: Picking out a projector always meant striking a balance between a) how much light output you wanted, and 2) how much time and effort you were willing to afford to get it done. The Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 sacrifices nothing in the light output department while remaining amazingly easy to install. Unfortunately for big ass bi-xenon projectors like the Acura TL, Murano, or FX-R; there's really no reason to cut, trim, and JB Weld the hell out of everything just to achieve output nirvana, and it probably wont be long until they find a new home in our closeout category.

Installation Summary: On a H4-based headlight reflector for example...Remove the headlight lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, add the alignment plate, tighten the lock ring, and re-seal the headlights. For other applications, minimal cutting will probably be involved but you'll find the results well worth it!

Overview Video: Check out this helpful video to see how easy Mini D2S projectors are to install!

Focus: Since 2005, we have focused our efforts on lighting and that's it. Experience means we know the products. We know the technology. We know our competitors, and most importantly, we know our customers. We like to wrench. We like to drive, we like to ride, and like you: we demand the best for whatever it is that gets us going. That's why at LED Concepts; we only stock the shelves with today's best, brightest, and most badass LED Lighting upgrades.

The Details

What you need to know

  • What's Included

  • PROJECTORS: 2x Morimoto Mini D2S 5.0 Bi-xenon

  • BULB HOLDERS: 2x MotoHolders (D2S)

  • LOCK RINGS: 2x CNC & Anodized Aluminum

  • SOLENOID INPUTS: 2x 9006 Male Pigtails

  • WARRANTY: 3 Years

  • SWAG: Morimoto Decal

  • OPTIONAL: Lock Ring Tool

  • Compatibility

  • APPLICATIONS: Universal (cars/trucks/motorcycles)

  • DIRECT FITMENT: H4 (little/no mods required)

  • MODS REQUIRED: H1,H7,H11,H13,9005,9006,9007 housings

  • UNITED STATES: LHD (Left Hand Drive)

  • AU, UK, JAPAN: RHD (Right Hand Drive)

  • BULBS: D2S/D2H HID Only

  • HID SYSTEMS: 35w and 55w

  • SHROUDS: All Styles Except Mini Gatling/Graphite

  • CENTRIC RINGS: Not Required

  • CERTIFICATIONS: Exceeds DOT requirements

  • APPLICATION: HID and LED projectors are street legal in the USA for Fog Light use only. Not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. Legal for off-road use in Snowmobile and ATV headlights and off-road racing use only auxiliary or forward lighting. International street legality varies by country. For detailed clarification on street use, CLICK HERE Note: This usage regulation is not unique to Morimoto projectors. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.



  • :

  • Tech Specs

  • HEIGHT: 85mm

  • WIDTH: 101mm

  • DEPTH: 142mm




  • MOUNTING SHAFT: Diameter = 35mm

  • LOCK NUT: CNC Aluminum

  • HOUSING DEPTH: 117mm Minimum

  • STANDARD LENS: AR Coated Kuria Optic

Action Shots

What you can expect


What our customers are saying

5 out of 5 stars

10 Reviews   Write a Review

These are Amazing!

Stephen Heald Reviewed: 06.23.2017

I had retrofitted a set of RX-330 Non AFS into a 1998 Camaro before there was really any aftermarket retrofitting available. I always enjoyed them until the headlight housings began to break down. I bought a new set of headlights and retrofitted them with the Mini D2S 4.0. They were so easy to install and the output is incredible. So happy with the result.

I really like these projectors

Sherwood Seagraves Reviewed: 06.20.2017

When I putting my retrofit together, I didn't think they weren't going to fit. I got them to fit. I recently purchased the Acme D2s projector. I didn't like the inverted cutoff. Now that I have installed the 4.0, the cutoff is better and there is more light.

Simply "Awesome"

Christian Yang Reviewed: 05.09.2017

Had an issue with the 3.0s that was running on a 2014 Tacoma and decided to switch the entire unit out and upgraded to 4.0 along with the Panamera shrouds. These lights are hands down far superior to the 3.0s. The light output is so high that I can see so much more and better than I had previously. The 3.0s were out of warranty but still TRS took care of me professionally and could not be more happier. Shout out to Jimmy and the entire TRS crew.

They Made Me a Believer!

Nathan Aguilar Reviewed: 04.20.2017

I have never believed in using anything other than OEM projectors for my lighting needs. After a couple reliable recommendations on these Mini D2S 4.0, I opted to give them a try for my wife's 2015 Nissan Sentra. All I can say is WOW! Clean, even, streak-free lighting as far and as wide as I have ever seen!

Prior to the Sentra, she was driving Mercedes with E46 bi-xenons and the lighting performance was her only hesitation for giving up the car. Upon driving the Sentra, she complained about the dismal lighting, so I went to work. I took her for a test drive and she was blown away. she stated "I'm not going to miss the Mercedes anymore, but are you sure they're not too bright?" Lol!

Anyone will be hard-pressed to best the performance of these units - I just don't see how they can be improved. Design-wise though, the only area that can be improved is the bulb holders. The D2S connector from the Denso slims is very hard to attach around the retaining ring which you have to loosen and turn in sync with the connector. Come time to change a bulb, it seems it's going to be very challenging without removing the headlight assemblies. A simple wire clip holder would have been much more practical. That aside, these projectors get my full vote without reservation.

Give them a try - I'll bet they'll make you a believer too.


Florin Rimbu Reviewed: 04.09.2017

Used with the d2s morimoto bulb on a f4 honda. It's definitely the best mod you can do to your moto. Very happy with. And ...customers treatment is example...recommend.

I see the light!

Duriel Oree Reviewed: 04.08.2017

I did a D2S 4.0 retrofit to my 2016 F150 and all I can say is wow! It throws the light down the road like a spotlight but is wide enough to be in the other lanes of a four lane highway. I feel much safer knowing that I can see the road and I'm also not blinding other drivers in the process. Thanks TRS and morimoto.

ALMOST perfect

Mathias Pertl Reviewed: 03.03.2017

To begin with the good side: The output from these projectors is just amazing. Bright sharp wide. Just brilliant.

Cutoff is ultra annoying! The DOT Style on it's own is .. nja ok .. but the real downside is it's Cutoff-StepUp. It's way too huge.
If you aim them high enough that the left side illuminates the street further than 30meters you will blind oncoming traffic if you are in a right-turn. If you aim them low enough that you don't blind anyone -> you only see around 25 to 30 meters on the left side .. which is even dangerous if you are in a long left turn driving 50 or 60mph.

They REALLY should at least HALF the step up height.
To be exactly the should size it so that 25meters away step up is 25cm high (thats ECE regulation and it really is good!)

ECE Cutoff style (15° angle instead of 45°) would be superb but the stepup-height-reduction on it's own would really help.

Outputs great... hate the cut off

Richard McKenna Reviewed: 02.20.2017

I have to say, these were talked up alot. My biggest problem is the cutoff is too low on the left. I have a dead zone only a few yards out on the left side, and if I aim any higher I will blind on coming traffic. also to note, that cutoff means directly in front of your car down range only has the left side upper section filling in most of your lane. The color and output with the Osram bulbs is great. The high beams combined with 9011 bulbs is ridiculous. Just really not happy with the cut off dropping the way it does. You live and you learn. Otherwise on the car since release, and they have been reliable. high beam motors still work. No water in them.

Awesome output !

Abdulrahman Alobaid Reviewed: 02.09.2017

Very good Color band and bright and sharp cutoff and high intens highbeams

BMW E60 Pre Lci

George Ermakov Reviewed: 10.17.2016

This projector is fantastic. Retrofitting it onto my 5 series it is a little bit of a challenge but projector mounts easily. quality is amazing. Light cut off is unbelievable my oem projector doesn't even stand close with this thing.

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