AMP: Morimoto XB35 2.0


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What's the Word

Trusted: With distribution exceeding 150,000 units over the last four years; more enthusiasts chose Morimoto over any other aftermarket ballast. Easily filling the shoes of the 3Five units that they replace, the brand new XB35 ballasts excel in every way.

Inspired: Packaged into a more retrofit-friendly design, the new XB's feature countless elements derived from the most popular OEM benchmarks. As good as they are; even arrogant retrofitters may start second-guessing those bulky, power hungry, exposed-to-the-elements, OE ballasts.

Protected: Their die-cast aluminum shell houses a 100% potted circuit board; eliminating any chance of moisture damage. The AMP SuperSeal three-pin connector from TE Connectivity between the igniter and the ballast ensures the safety of this crucial output.

Compact: Slim 17mm body will mount almost anywhere with their extremely functional and attractive eight-position mounting brackets.

Versatile: If you're like many of us retrofitters, the setup is always changing and now your ballasts can keep up! Since the igniter cord can be unplugged from the ballast, you can easily change from AMP to D2S or vice-versa (without the use of unreliable adapters, that is). Likewise, if an igniter does happen to go bad, it can easily be replaced.

Fast, Friendly and Efficient: Power hungry ballasts never work well with tricky CanBus systems, but the new XB35 ballast consume < 5A on ignition without compromising their reasonably quick warm up speed. That's much less than Denso, Mitsubishi, FastBright, and the old Morimoto too, which makes their ability to reach full intensity a more efficient process.

Modern Like all modern OEM D1 and D2 ballasts: the XB has relocated igniters far closer to the HID bulb. The lack of high voltage transmitted through wiring drastically reduces EMI/RFI (radio interference). Total system reliability is also improved by shielding the main circuit board from the static produced by these high voltage bursts on start up.

Reliable and Smart: The XB35 ballasts are designed to last for 2500 hours and there's not much that will stand in their way. The matured DSP 2.0 software recognizes outside system faults such as a loose high voltage connection, and after one misfire will cut power rather than potentially self-destruct.

Functional Works of Art: Designed by Artur Saakyan in California, the Morimoto XB35 Ballasts feature gloss piano black paint. Laser etched graphics. Stainless Steel hardware. Color coordinated mounting bracket and TechFlex braided insulation.

Focus: Since 2005, we have focused our efforts on lighting and that's it. Experience means we know the products. We know the technology. We know our competitors, and most importantly, we know our customers. We like to wrench. We like to drive, we like to ride, and like you: we demand the best for whatever it is that gets us going. That's why at LED Concepts; we only stock the shelves with today's best, brightest, and most badass LED Lighting upgrades.

The Details

What you need to know

  • What's Included

  • BALLASTS: 2x Morimoto XB35 2.0 Computers

  • IGNITERS: 2x Morimoto XB AMP

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years

  • SWAG: Morimoto Sticker

  • Compatibility

  • HID BULBS: Any with "AMP" style inputs

  • VEHICLES: All with 9-18V electrical systems

  • Tech Specs

  • OUTPUT WATTAGE: 35W +/- 2%




  • INPUT CURRENT: 5A @ Startup

  • OPEN CIRCUIT: Protected (< 1s)

  • SHORT CIRCUIT: Protected (< 1s)

  • CLIMATE RANGE: -40C to +85C

  • RATED LIFESPAN: 2500hours (5-7 years)


What our customers are saying

5 out of 5 stars

6 Reviews   Write a Review

Good ballast.

Sherwood Seagraves Reviewed: 06.20.2017

I recently had a used pair of denso ballast purchashed from EBay nine years ago. I start noticing that they weren't as bright as before. I purchased these with new bulbs and there is a huge difference. I'm impressed.

Quality Product

Robert Mulig Reviewed: 11.10.2016

Purchased these to replace my cheap, no-name, 35w ballasts that seemed to take forever to fully warm up. The look and feel of these ballasts just scream high quality! Faster warm up than the cheap ones I had, compact design, and slightly brighter. Wouldn't settle for anything else!

Worth Every Penny!

Todd Reviewed: 08.11.2016

I purchased a set of projector headlights and an HID kit second hand for my 2009 Dodge Charger R/T. From day 1 I was having issues with the set up. My headlights would randomly turn on and off and I was getting some slight flickering on one side. I discovered the relay harness was the main problem so I took it off and threw it away. Fast forward a month later and the passenger side ballast stopped firing the bulb. I decided it was time to scrap all the second hand wiring and go with these ballasts and a Morimoto relay harness. The quality and build of these blew the others completely out of the water. The performance is a world of difference and since installing everything works 100% as it should with no random lights coming on or turning off and no more flickering. On on top of it these just look so much nicer and more OEM. I couldn't be happier with the new set up. No more stressing about my HIDs working correctly.

High quality ballast

Quoc Reviewed: 12.11.2015

This is very small compare to my old one it look very clean and modern highly recommend this for replacing ballast I install it without a relay and it work perfectly only time you need a relay if hid is flickering other than that it's good!

Great ballasts

Ayax Reviewed: 07.29.2015

Having come from 3 previous aftermarket HID setups and not being totally happy, I took the Morimoto route through TheRetrofitSource after hearing about all the good things about Morimoto and TRS.

The moment you open up the box you can tell this is a quality product. Everything looks professional grade which is less than what can be said for other competing brands or much less from cheap ebay kits. The ballasts themselves look and feel great yet are very slim for ease of placement. The braided insulated lines are very nicely done offering great protection while also looking top notch..
These guys fire up every time without any issues. Its been a while since I could last say that about a kit.

TRS will be my one stop shop for anything HID related on all my vehicles from now on.

We'll see!

Martin Reviewed: 12.23.2014

Just got these to replace the DS ballasts for my 2013 Ford Fusion which has a finnicky system to begin with. I'm also using the relay harness with an error eliminator on the OEM headlight connector side of the harness (same set-up as my 2010 Fusion Sport) and so far they are working well without having to turn my lights on/off several times to get them to work. Customer service throughout all of this trial and error has been quite exceptional!!! Thanks TRS!!!

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