About Us

The LED Concepts Story

It Started as a Concept

LEDConcepts was founded in 2013 to shake up the automotive aftermarket for LED-based lighting accessories. We were a small group of good guys and put simply; our concept was to offer a good product, at a reasonable price, and put it all over social media for the world to see. We blew up...fast. Often times the volume was was more than we could handle. Emails. Phone calls. Shipments. We had our wins and we had our losses, and learned a lot in a short period of time. The one constant was growth. Through it all we were doing a few things right, because our customers kept coming back. The word of mouth kept spreading. The social media presence kept growing.

But let's be real with you. It wasn't long ago that our products were no better than our competition. In fact, you don't really even have to look long and hard to see that 99% of what's out there is the same thing, from the same place, with a different name brand and a new face. And that's okay for them, and for some time, it was for us too...but today we're not here to be just okay, and we know damn well that you're not here trying to find an upgrade that's “just okay” either.

And then everything changed.

In July 2017, LEDConcepts LLC was acquired by The Retrofit Source Inc. and the entire operation was moved from Louisiana to Atlanta, Georgia. The company was given a dose of a decade's worth of industry experience, and a heavy dash of additional financial, manufacturing and engineering expertise. And now it's fair to say that more than ever before; there are more exciting developments in the pipeline for us as a company, for our brands, for our customers, and ultimately, for our entire industry. As a whole; LED Concepts was a good company. But good doesn't cut it when it comes to besting the competition and maintaining our pole position at the top. Today we've pulled out all the stops to keep the needle moving in the right direction, regardless of competition and posers.

With the birth of the Profile Performance brand as the LED-focused side of Morimoto comes a new generation of high performance products. By incorporating technology that was originally developed for Morimoto's own XBT RGB and XSB Switchback products into the lineup; Profile's Prism and Pixel product lines are able to take advantage of many years of refinement. They are today's epitome of perfection in the industry for automotive LED halos and accent lighting.

A powerhouse of brands with an unbeatable selection of products to prove it, we are proud to be LED Concepts. We are proud to be Profile Performance. We are proud to be Morimoto. And we are proud to live under The Retrofit Source umbrella.

Was it being in the right place at the right time that got us here? Is it the "no let-downs allowed" attitude in our customer service? Maybe the parts just sell themselves? Whatever it is, it's amazing how much we've accomplished since opening up shop in 2005. The Retrofit Source currently collaborates with over 15 various manufacturers, all of the most professional and well-known installers around the world, and has served hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. We are proud to have a prominent customer base in Canada, the Middle East, the UK and Australia. The Retrofit Source offers the absolute best when it comes to HID and LED Headlight upgrades. We will make every customer happy without exception to uphold the reputation that we've worked so hard to build. Our goal was, still is, and always will be to supply our clients with the most appropriate and highest performing parts for their application at the best price.

Whether you're just getting started by dealing with our excellent customer service or you're already comfortably cruising on that dark road at night, you'll be glad you dealt with the LEDC and TRS family. Huge thanks to all who give us the pleasure of serving you!

Our Shop & Crew

The Who, What, and Where

Located just west of Buckhead in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia; our one central facility houses all of our operations. Up front, we keep all of our current product offerings on display in our inviting, modern showroom. In the same room, our customer service and management team work atop an open-air mezzanine that overlooks the naturally lit indoor garage below. In the adjacent 15,000 square foot all-digitalized warehouse, many rows of industrial racks house an unbeatable selection of headlight happiness in enough volume to feed months of demand at a time.

Everything is designed with purpose. Each one of our unique quality control procedures has a dedicated workspace to ensure consistency. We have a purpose built dark room for tuning and testing projectors in the perfect environment. In our fulfillment center, batch picking and efficient take time enables our team to process 1000+ orders each day during peak time.

At any given time during the week, the place is filled with deliveries coming and going, headlight ballasts buzzing, dremel tools cutting, tape guns unreeling, phones ringing, and local customers browsing. Since we're open to the public, we invite you to come by anytime during our regular business hours.