Color-Changing Wheel Lighting

XKGlow XKChrome: RGB Wheel Rings


PART #: 1 x XK-WHEEL-15-AD

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Product Details

Ring Tings: Wheel rings are nothing new for us here at LEDC, but the XKGlow rings offer some badass unique additions that other brands don't. If you're considering adding wheel rings to bring more visual appeal to your wheels/tires/brakes, XKGlow wheel rings are another great option we're proud to offer!

From XKGlow: Guaranteed to be the best way to show off your killer new wheel setup! The potted LED strips, waterproof plugs, and an integrated lip on the aluminum bracket to better distribute the LED glow are just a few of the features that truly set our kit apart from the rest. The integrated turn signal function that lets the left or right side rings flash with your turn signal is just the icing on the cake. With total 132 super bright RGB LEDs and our included industry leading XKChrome Bluetooth Controller, this kit is simply a must-have!

XKChrome Controllers: Often regarded as one of the best Bluetooth RGB Apps, XKGlow's XKChrome certainly has a wide variety of modes and functions to suite any taste. In addition to being able to dial in almost any color, the app includes the option to match a color based off of your phone's camera, 15 preset themes, a theme builder mode, turn signal override function, speed-related colors, music synchronization, and a sensor wire override. Wild!

XKGlow x LEDC: Here at LED Concepts, we represent the best brands in the automotive lighting business. XKGlow has a reputation for making high-end, high-performance LED accessories for the aftermarket, and we're proud to deliver their product to our customers. If you have any questions on XKGlow LED gear for your car, truck, or motorcycle, contact our customer service team today!

The Details

What you needs to know

  • Compatibility

  • XK-WHEEL-15-AD: XKChrome RGB LED Wheel Ring: 15-18in Adjustable

  • XK-WHEEL-15-PACK: XKChrome RGB LED Wheel Ring: 15in

  • XK-WHEEL-KIT-AD: XKChrome RGB LED Wheel Rings: 15-18in Adjustable / 4pc Set

  • XK-WHEEL-KIT-AD-DM: XKChrome RGB LED Wheel Rings: 15-18in Adjustable / 4pc Set w/ Dash Mount Controller

  • XK-WHEEL-KIT: XKChrome RGB LED Wheel Rings: 15in / 4pc Set

  • XK-WHEEL-KIT-DM: XKChrome RGB LED Wheel Rings: 15in / 4pc Set w/ Dash Mount Controller

  • Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC Standard

  • Power: 6w (Each Wheel Ring)

  • Software Type: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

  • OS Requirements: Android 4.4+ / iOS 9+