Quad Retrofit Harness

Quad Bi-Xenon Wiring Kit


PART #: 1 x H390, 1 x H420, 2 x H10

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Product Details

Maximum Output: Have two pairs of badass Bi-Xenon projectors installed in your headlights but not exactly sure where to start when it comes to wiring? Fear no more! We make it easy with the Quad Bi-xenon wiring kit. Problemo solved!

Plug-and-play: Despite being a pretty involved wiring setup, all of the connections here are plug and play, so no cutting or splicing required.

Simple: The HD low beam harness remains 9006 type since the output of the splitters needed are 9006. For the low beam splitter, match up the connection to your stock low beam bulb size. For the high beam splitters, match up the splitter to your stock high beam bulb size. It's that easy!

Universal: While this kit covers many options, if you're going from a stock dual filament bulb (H4 / 9003, 9007 / 9004, or H13 / 9008), you won't be able to use this kit. We'll have to configure one just for you, so please give us a call to do so!

Install Guide: At left under the pictures. The blue "get busy" button links up directly to this kit's wiring schematic.

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The Details

What you needs to know

  • What's Included

  • RELAY HARNESSES: 2x Morimoto 9006 HD

  • LOW BEAM SPLITTER: 1x Original Output to 9006 / 9006

  • HIGH BEAM SPLITTERS: 2x Original Output to 9006 / 9006

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years

  • NOTE: This kit controls four low beams and four high beams together

  • Compatibility

  • STOCK BULB SIZE: H1, H7, H11, 9005, 9006 etc (varies)

  • HID SYSTEMS: Quad Bi-xenon Projectors (4x low / 4x high)


  • CANBUS SYSTEM?: Contact Us

  • Tech Specs

  • INPUT TRIGGER: 1x Factory Connector Type

  • BALLAST OUTPUTS: 4x 9006 Female

  • HIGH BEAM OUTPUTS: 4x 9006 Female

  • 12V POWER: 2x Nickel-Plated Ring-Type

  • GROUNDS: 2x Nickel-Plated Ring-Type

  • FUSE: Inline 25A