Color-Changing Safety Lighting

Profile Pixel: Whip (RGB)


PART #: 1 x LED1230

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Product Details

Profile Performance: The automotive aftermarket's best name in LED Lighting and when you're ready to stand out for safety or style in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night - their color-changing Pixel Whip is the perfect choice. Profile is working hand-in-hand with the industry's experts to produce the performance that we all expect. Yeah, there are less expensive options on the market and if they were worth considering, we'd carry them instead : but we're confident the Pixel wheel ring setup from Profile is worth the premium and then some.

Durability: At LEDC, we love powersports! And we know that when it comes to ATV's, snowmobiles, RAZR's and the like - these things get beat to shit when ridden hard. So the last thing any of us wants is to put something on our ride that will get ripped off in no time. Luckily, the Pixel Whip light is a no compromise product like the rest of the stuff from the guys at Profile. The flexible acrylic tube is shatter proof. The mounting base in made from a solid block of milled aluminum. The LED driver is completely potted and won't fail from moisture. All Pixel products are assembled and quality controlled in Atlanta, Georgia.

Quick Release: Want to dismount the whip for added clearance during the daytime? Easy. The spring-loaded quick release allows you to easily lift the whip up and strap it down to get it out of the way. High quality ball-bearing assembly is made from CNC aluminum, and wont rust / fall apart over time.

Intensity: Look, we know you don't need these to be bright because your headlights don't work--we want 'em to be bright because overkill is under rated! Lets just say nobody is going to miss your fly by when the Profile whip is illuminated - so whether you like the idea for safety or style, the Pixel whip has you covered.

Color Changing: Like the rest of the products in the Profile line, the LED chips on the Pixel Whip Lights are fine tuned to produce amazingly clear and accurate colors. With their integrated bluetooth controller, all you have to down is download the "Happy Lighting" RGB app from the IOS or Android app stores, pair it up, and you'll be ready to rock in whatever shade of red, blue, green, teal, purple, pink you're after. Gotta color coordinate!

Wiring & Setup: Each Pixel Whip Light Ring has a simple two-wire power input that only needs a 12V+/- feed from your vehicle. From there, the integrated bluetooth driver just needs to be mounted somewhere safe, and that's really about it! Note that for installation, you will need either a pre-existing or drilled hole that's 1/2" in diameter. All mounting hardware is included.

Focus: Since 2005, we have focused our efforts on lighting and that's it. Experience means we know the products. We know the technology. We know our competitors, and most importantly, we know our customers. We like to wrench. We like to drive, we like to ride, and like you: we demand the best for whatever it is that gets us going. That's why at LED Concepts; we only stock the shelves with today's best, brightest, and most badass LED Lighting upgrades.

The Details

What you needs to know

  • What's Included

  • LED Accent: 1x Profile Pixel RGB LED Whip Light

  • Hardware: Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

  • Controller: 1x Bluetooth w/ SmartPhone App

  • Wiring: 5ft Pre-Wired Inputs

  • Warranty: DOA Only

  • Compatibility

  • Circuits: 12V Standard

  • RGB Controller: Moment Bluetooth only (included)

  • Mount: Flat Surface (0.5in / 13mm Hole Req.)

  • INSTALLATION: Drilling Required

  • Tech Specs

  • Input: 5ft / 1.52m

  • Height: 4.9ft / 1.5m

  • RGB Functions: Strobe, FlasH, Fade

  • Material: Polycarbonate (Cover), Aluminum (Base)

  • Light Source: 100x 5050 RGB

  • Compliance: IP68