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Molex / 9006 Adapters


PART #: 2 x H710

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Product Details

Double Standard: In the HID Headlight Retrofit world there are two standards for high beam outputs. "Molex" two pin connectors and 9006.

9006 Female & Molex Male: These will allow you to use another vendors bi-xenon harness with our bi-xenon projectors.

9006 Male & Molex Female: These will allow you to use our bi-xenon harness with another vendors hi/lo bulbs or bi-xenon projectors

NOTE: Please note that Male and Female refer to the metal pins inside the plastic housings, not the connector housings themselves.

For best results: Morimoto specs only 9006 Male and Female sockets for high beam inputs and outputs on harnesses. Don't make the mistake of thinking your solenoid is dead just because of a poor connection--try a full kit!

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The Details

What you needs to know

  • What's Included

  • Adapters: 2x (One Pair) Molex to 9006 Adapters

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Compatibility

  • PROJECTORS: 9006 or Molex Male Solenoid Inputs

  • WIRE HARNESSES: 9006 or Molex Female High Beam Outputs

  • HALOGEN BULBS: Not Compatible

  • Tech Specs

  • Input: 9006 Female or Molex Male

  • Output: 9006 Male or Molex Female

  • Wire Thickness: 22 AWG

  • Length: Approx. 4.0in / 120mm

  • Insulation: Braided TechFlex