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Baja Designs Red LED Rock Light System


PART #: 1 x 447055

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Product Details

LED Concepts: is a proud distributor for Baja Designs, their Universal Rock Light Kit takes the guess work out of buying wiring and trying to figure out how to pin relays. All of the lengths are pre-cut to reach all four corners of your small to mid-sized vehicle with some wiggle room on each lead to route the wiring any desired way. This kit includes four 400 lumen rock lights and wiring for a truly turn key kit.

These LED lights: are waterproof and can be mounted virtually anywhere. All that is needed is 12 volt power. They have a 180 degree optic to illuminate your wheel wells or anywhere else you need a bright and smooth light.

Caution: Rock Light can get very hot when used for long periods of time. Please use caution when handling or installing.

The Question is: How many do you want? Here, you can pick up a single Baja Designs Rock Light, or a full kit which includes four lights, and a relay harness.

Make it Easy: Baja's Universal Rock Light Kit takes the guess work out of buying wiring and trying to figure out how to pin relays.

Baja Designs Features: uService: So you can replace the Lenses And Optics. ClearView: Gives you all The light, right where you need it most! MoistureBlock means they are Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible. And Baja CopperDrive: These are the only LED products on the market driven at 100%! 5000K Daylight - Less Fatigue for you as the driver & Natural Color.

Why buy Baja Designs from LEDC? We're not just another reseller on the internet peddling every product line in the automotive aftermarket. We're car enthusiasts with a passion for lighting, and lighting only. We offer the best products from the best brands and if you've got technical questions about the product; our team of lighting experts will actually know the answer. Enter your year/make/model into the buyer's guide on our homepage and see what compatible products we've got in store for you!

The Details

What you needs to know

  • Compatibility

  • 447055: LED Rock Light System: Baja Designs (Red)

  • 398049: LED Rock Light: Baja Designs (Red)

  • Tech Specs

  • Intensity: 400lm

  • Power: 4w

  • Current: 0.4A @ 12V DC

  • Dimensions: 2.7in x 1.2in x 0.45in

  • Weight: 1.8oz

  • Input Voltage: 12V Standard