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Renowned: The Morimoto Elite Systems have earned their reputation amongst many as the aftermarket's best set of HID's. We urge you to check out the specs below, Read the reviews and then ask yourself whether your ability to see well while driving at night is worth saving a couple bucks? Install Threads: 1,2,3,4, 5

Install Video: Not ready to just take our word for it, and didn't feel like reading through all the install links on the forums? Check out an Install Video & Review by this online blogger who loved the Sierra Spec kit and matching XB fogs. It's a "must watch" if you're considering the Sierra HID conversion for your truck!

Wiring: The special HD Relay Harness features an all-new completely sealed double 40A Relays, 14 gauge stranded copper wire wrapped in durable black tech-flex mesh that looks like a factory harness once installed. No cutting or splicing here: there are only five connections and they're all plug-n-play. Most importantly, the harness includes the proper capacitor to absorb and smooth out the pulsed signal from the factory headlight circuit that plagues these trucks.

HID Ballasts: The all new XB ballasts feature relocated igniters like OEM units, putting them far closer to the HID bulb. The lack of high voltage transmitted through wiring drastically reduces EMI/RFI (radio interference). Total system reliability is also improved by shielding the main circuit board from the static produced by these high voltage bursts on start up. (not to mention they're damn good looking!)

HID Bulbs: At the heart of the XB 9012 bulbs is their perfectly aligned 100% Philips Quartz glass that houses a capsule from APL-USA. Using high quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer; the bulbs produce nearly the same luminosity (intensity) as the amazing Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K. No, you're not seeing things here, but yes you will be seeing everything at night!

Backed Up: Let's not forget the 5-year warranty on the entire kit*. The Elite system is designed to run for 2500 hours, so that's what it's guaranteed for. Don't buy into empty promises from other places offering BS "lifetime" warranties. Nothing lasts forever, and if you think "the other guy" will be there to pick up the phone or even stay in business long enough to assist you when there's a problem; guess again! [*XB55 Sierra HID kits have a 3 year warranty]

Focus: Since 2005, we have focused our efforts on lighting and that's it. Experience means we know the products. We know the technology. We know our competitors, and most importantly, we know our customers. We like to wrench. We like to drive, we like to ride, and like you: we demand the best for whatever it is that gets us going. That's why at LED Concepts; we only stock the shelves with today's best, brightest, and most badass LED Lighting upgrades.

The Details

What you need to know

  • What's Included

  • HID BALLASTS: 2x Morimoto XB35 AMP or XB55 AMP

  • 9012 HID BULBS: 2x XB 9012

  • WIRE HARNESS: 1x Anti-Flicker Low Beam>

  • WARRANTY: 5 Years (35w) or 3 Years (50w)

  • OPTIONAL BRACKETS: 2x Carbon Fiber Ballast Brackets

  • Compatibility

  • SIZE: 9012 Low/High Beams

  • HEADLIGHT TYPE: Projector

  • CONFIRM SIZE: Philips Size Guide

  • Tech Specs


  • BALLAST OUTPUT: 85V AC 35W or 50W

  • BALLAST MAX. V: 25kV (at start-up)


  • 35w RATED LIFESPAN: 2,500 hours

  • 50w RATED LIFESPAN: 2,000 hours

  • 3000K BULBS: Golden Yellow ~2800lm (each)

  • 4500K BULBS: Warm White ~3500lm (each)

  • 5500K BULBS: Pure White ~3400lm (each)

  • 6500K BULBS : Cool White ~3200lm (each)

  • 50W BALLASTS: (+20% intensity) (-20% lifespan)(-1000K color)

Action Shots

What you can expect


What our customers are saying

5 out of 5 stars

24 Reviews   Write a Review

Great upgrade to factory lights

Cortlin LaBlank Reviewed: 09.03.2017

I ordered the 35w set for my 2015 GMC 2500. I had a 2017 gmc with the new gm lights and they were great, I traded down for a bigger truck and wanted to match the lights the 17 had. The setup was fairly easy and took an hour or so to do. I was not happy with the light output so I returned the 35w for the 50w. I would recommend the 50w for the noticeable light output differance. My only complaint is there is a buzzing from one of the ballasts, the 35w did not do that but trs says that is normal. So far so good.


William Borio Reviewed: 07.21.2017

I got my truck 2 weeks before I installed this kit. I picked up a 14 and loved the truck. Seen the complaints about the headlights. Well they were accurate they suck. So I tried an led kit. It's a good kit not for the truck though. The projectors with led lights was as bad as stock. Figured I would accept my losses on the leds and buy this kit. Had it installed in about an hour it was hot out so I took a few breaks. The light output is amazing. I got the 55w with 4500. They do have a slight yellow tint. But they are easy on the eyes when driving. My entire drive to work consists of 15 miles of no street lights. I have no issues seeing and haven't been flashed one time. Defiantly love this kit and well worth the money.

Totally satisfied

James Haley Reviewed: 05.25.2017

First off my 2014 GMC sierra 1500's factory Projectors were complete garbage, after calling around to multiple Lighting specialists in my area being told over and over there was nothing they could do for my headlights besides adding accent lighting like fogs and lightbars (500-1000$) I did some searching and came across Morimoto HID retro fit kit. Hands down best purchase Ive made for my truck this far, The lights are incredible in light quality, and craftsmanship, also are insanely bright.. I upgraded my ballasts to the 50watt XB55 wanting to never have a poor lighting issue ever again, and they are insanely bright, Tech support was amazing, walking me through every step of the instructions and helping me troubleshoot what I did wrong during installation (one of the plugs was flipped and wasn't powering my HIDs) other then that install was really easy, and quick! I highly recommend this kit to anyone with the shitty projectors the 2014-2015 GMC sierras come with! Note, you may have to reaim headlights after installing, the 6500k are very bright, and if not aimed properly will blind everyone on the road haha, night and day difference though! I will be ordering more from this company!


Michael Bergeron Reviewed: 03.23.2017

A quick review of my TRS 2014+ GMC Sierra Morimoto HID installs.
The Kit: everything you need except fasteners and zip ties.
The Install: I installed two kits on 2 trucks in 2 days. Each install took approximately 1.5 hours (I was in no hurry).

Truck #1) 2014 Sierra 1500. It received a 2014+ Sierra Morimoto Elite kit, w/50W ballasts and 5500K bulbs.
The truck did NOT require the air intake tube to be removed (contrary to what I have read elsewhere). Also, the air filter does not need to be disassembled, but rather pulled straight up and out in 1-piece after disconnecting 2 connectors. I used 3M VHB tape to hold all of the kit components- no nuts/bolts/drilling required. The wiring harness supplied fit perfectly, and the fuse is easily accessible.

Truck #2) 2015 Sierra 2500HD Denali Duramax. It received a 2014+ Sierra Morimoto Elite kit, w/50W ballasts and 6500K bulbs.
Like the 1500, this truck's air inlet tube remained installed, and the air filter assembly pulls straight up the same way. This truck did require the second battery (driver's side) to be removed. I pulled power from the second battery, as it was more convenient. 3M VHB tape used here as well. The supplied harness again fit perfectly. The fuse is even more accessible on this install.
The results: I wanted to wait for the "new" to wear off before I wrote a review. It's been a few months.

The GOOD: The light output is AWESOME. The road is FILLED with light on low-beam (the cutoff is unchanged), on high-beam the road is lit up for 1,000 feet easily. THIS is what GM should have installed from the beginning. 5 stars.

The BAD: on the 1500, power is supplied to the relays in DRL-mode. This means the headlights are on any the time that the truck is in gear/or if it is dark, so bulb life may suffer (the Denali has LED's around the headlights for DRL- so this not an issue). The color/temp of the lights has "burned-in", but they don't match the OEM fogs exactly. Minor detail.

The UGLY: The 1500 was so dirty I didn't use any of the pictures. (truck had been on a dusty construction site with no under-hood cleaning before the install).

The VERDICT: Probably the most well-spent vehicle modification I have done. If you are thinking about upgrades in your 14+ GMC, THIS is the one you need to do first. Thanks to the folks at The Retrofit Source for putting together an excellent, reasonably priced kit to address a serious shortcoming on these trucks.

Should've done it sooner

James J Toohey III Reviewed: 03.02.2017

I've had this system in for a month and the difference is amazing. I went with 50w and they are bright. I do get flashed occasionally when I have weight in the bed but otherwise no problems. If you are thinking about it don't just do it you'll be happy you did.

Well designed kit

Justin McKey Reviewed: 02.28.2017

Just installed these on my 2015 sierra. Installation wasn't too bad, 1 hot, 2 grounds, everything else is plug and play. There is an extremely helpful video on YouTube that thoroughly explains everything. You do have to remove the air filter box to access the passenger side headlight. You also have to drill a hole in the bulb cover caps and install a wire gromet (i siliconed around mine just to insure a perfect seal) no big deal. No loose wires showing, harness looks oem. The 5500k color looks awesome, zero blue, and matches the factory led running lights my truck has PERFECT. This kit is very well designed and works fantastic, very high quality parts and superb packaging. If you want these to match the 5500k xb led fog lights they offer, I'd go with the 6500k hid bulbs. The 5500k led fog lights do have a very slight blue hint.

No more Suck A** Headlights!!

Donnie Pridemore Reviewed: 01.16.2017

My 2015 GMC Sierra is a great truck. Well, except for the horrifically bad headlights! After fighting with GM to try and fix the situation, nothing was working. After reading a LOT of comments on the truck forums about the Morimoto kit from The Retrofit Source, I plunked down the cash and ordered the kit. The kit arrived promptly, and everything was well packed. I work two jobs, and do not have time for installing , so I had my installer do the job. Because of the great instructions, he had it done in about an hour and 15 minutes! The result? Finally, the headlights my truck SHOULD have came with! I am very pleased with the performance of my headlights. There is no flickering, or anything. And the DRL's work just like they should. I hope I never have to use the 5 year warranty, but it's great piece of mind knowing I have it. Thank you TRS!

Absolute best customer service I have ever received!

Coty Allen Reviewed: 12.13.2016

The crew over at TRS made this purchase one of my favorite yet. Not only did it make night driving 100% safer it made it more enjoyable. Sierra kit was a very simple plug and play install. Dont know why GMC didnt do this before they ever left the factory.

50w HID upgrade

Marcus Coulter Reviewed: 12.12.2016

My first observation is that everything was very well packaged, the only minor change I would make would be to wrap the bulbs in bubble wrap as they are the most fragile and critical component. A point that was reinforced to me when the delivery person fumbled the box and dropped it on my driveway while handing it to my daughter, and yes my daughter than dropped the box a second time while handing to me. LOL
Once opened it is quite clear that this kit is far more refined than the previous TRS Kit I bought 2 year ago:
Old HID Kit: 9012 MORIMOTO Elite HID System:
 Ballasts - 3Five DSP
 Harness Type - HD Relay
 Bulbs – 3Five 4,300
 Capacitor Link
 Extra Set of Bulb's (better to have local than be SOL)
 Ballasts - 50w/AMP: Morimoto XB Ballast
 Harness Type - HD Relay 9005/9006
 Morimoto Anti-Flicker Capacitor Link
 Bulbs – 9012: XB 4500K
 Wire Harness Extension – 9006 Extension
The HD Harness has been significantly improved and only need a single ground, as opposed to the original kit that had 3 grounding points. It was also quite nice that each wire was pre-labelled, which simplifies the install. In fact it took me longer to uninstall the old kit than it did to install the new one. It took me about an hour get everything hooked up, but I still need to do some clean up as my CAI make it a bit more tricky to run / secure / hide all of the wiring.
I did noticed that the Test Lead and Extension were missing from the box which was a bummer, however I was able to get everything installed without issue.
The first time I turn my new lights on, I was smiling ear to ear, and thought wow what a difference over the old 35w kit, the beam pattern is now laser sharp.

Great Job TRS!

 HD Harness Wires are all pre-labeled
 Heat shrink and loom assembled by a pro
 Less grounds to worry about
 HD radio interference is gone
 I can bloody see more than 25ft in front of my truck!!

 HD Harness Wire Labels are cheap and will fall off, given the awesome heat shrink and loom used, why not just use color coded heat shrink on the ends as labels, this would look clean, and last forever. (Green to Green, Red to Red, etc)
 The Test Lead & Extension called out in the Standard Parts were not included in the box
 None of the other component wires are labeled.
 The CAP Link is a square box, which makes it a bit awkward to securely mount, a Screw Tab would be nice.
 The Drivers Side Ballets Lead is about 8 inches to short and limits mounting of the HD relay, thus requiring an extension. From a Manufacturing perspective, would it not be more cost effective to just make the primary lead longer, vs. having to create, package, store, ship, a separate extension?
 The headlight Grommets provided are of a lesser quality then my old kit. Rubber vs silicone gasket

Improvements – Install Guide:
 On Page 1, the customer install links are formatted as an image, not text, thus you cannot copy and paste the into a browser, thus you have to actually type the entire URL. Not the end of the world, but a 10 second change on your end benefits each new customer.
o http://ww.duramaxforum.com/forum/2011-2016-non-powertrain/542305-2015-sierra-hid-install.html
o http://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gmt-k2xx-trucks-general-discussion-221/Imorimoto-sierra-spec-hid-install-pcs-535259/
o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8vEGw8rC0c
 Page 3 - the wiring diagram depicts the AMP igniter being plugged into opposite ports of the Ballast
 Page 6 – Drill a 22mm hole, nobody sells a 22mm drill bit, why not just call it 7/8?

2015 GMC Sierra Denali

Brian Magers Reviewed: 10.30.2016

The 2015 gmc stock headlights were dangerous with very poor visibility. I first wasted money on putco led retrofit kit as stated complete waste of my money. Very poor light distribution struggled to see at night. Researched hid's and TRS systems were by far the best quality. The dual relay harness speaks for itself and the customer service was incredible they answered all of my questions and concerns by email. I purchased the 4500 35w ballast and am extremely happy very bright and can see at night now!!! Improved side light distribution a little as well. Very simple install thank you TRS!

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