ColorMorph IR Remote/Receiver
ColorMorph IR Remote/Receiver

ColorMorph IR Remote/Receiver

$ 10.00

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LED Concepts ColorMorph IR Remote/Receiver is a low budget way to get your ColorMorph products controlled by a wireless remote with all the colors you want! "IR" stands for infrared. This technology requires you to aim the wireless remote at a specific "eye" on the controller. The remote operating distance is very low because of this. This Remote/Receiver is great for footwell kits and other ColorMorph products where a long remote range is not a concern.

If you're looking for a remote with more range and features make sure to check out our ColorMorph RF Remote/Receiver by clicking HERE

This remote will also work for many other companies color changing products including halos, LED strips, and much more. Upgrade today and see the LED Concepts difference!

  • 24 Key Wirelss Remote
  • 16 Static colors and 4 color changing modes
  • Adjust Brightness and Speed

  • Working Voltage: 12v
  • Remote Distance: 5 -10 feet