4 inch x 6 inch halo headlights
sealed beam headlights

4x6 ColorMorph Halo Headlight Kit for Sealed Beam Headlights

$ 140.00

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Do you own an older vehicle with 4" x 6" sealed beam headlights?  LED Concept's ColorMorph Sealed Beam kits allow you to bring your old style headlights to new style standards. 

Sealed beam lights with glass lenses are considered to be extremely difficult to open. If you have glass lenses, LED Concepts recommends purchasing aftermarket headlights with plastic lenses which will open much easier allowing you to install the halo kit.

 What's Included Per Halo:

  • (2) x 4" x 6" ColorMorph Halo Headlight Kit Rings
  • (1) x ColorMorph External Driver
  • (1) x Wiring Information + Halo Information

Additional Add-Ons:


LED Concepts ColorMorph Halo kits are without a doubt one of the most eye catching mods you can add to your vehicle. Most companies halos feature resistors on the back of the ring. In time if one of these resistors were to go out they take out 3 LEDs with them! LEDs out in the headlight means you have to reopen the headlights! What a bummer...right? Sometimes this involves having to remove your bumper and other car parts. What a hassle right? Well LED Concepts ColorMorph halos don’t have resistors on the back of the ring, but instead they are encased inside a small metal driver box which gets mounted under your hood. If a problem were to ever occur a simple swap of this product from under the hood makes for a quick fix! Make sure to view our FAQ for more info on our ColorMorph kits to see detailed description of exactly what they are capable of!

Each of our halos have 6 feet of wire coming off of them. This ensures that you will have plenty of wire to install the halos onto your vehicle without a hassle!